History of Advertising: Kurtz’s Chevron Dinosaurs

30.05.12 - It ‘s Very Simply

5 Tips on running a campaign from 12foot6 in the UK.

23.05.12 - The Secret of Drawing

Wonderful BBC documentary.
Here’s a snippet:

18.05.12 - Jim Henson: Before Sesame Street there was Wilkin’s Coffee.

16.05.12 - Very Cool Animation…and it was hand drawn!

10.05.12 - A Pat on My Back

website sticker 300ppi

My work was selected for the Society Of Illustrator’s 2011 Original Art Show for the illustrations in my children’s book, Gold! Gold in the American River!

I just received my online sticker…cool!


08.05.12 - Drawn Beats Shot

Yeah, United Airlines could have shot a conventional ad on film or video but that’s what they would have gotten: Conventional.

Instead, they used the brilliant Michael Dudok de Wit and got something that was evocative and unforgetable.


07.05.12 - History of Advertising: R.O. Blechman & Alka Seltzer

The astonishing power of Blechman’s squiggly line is on wonderfully display in this Alka-Seltzer animated spot.
Is that Gene Wilder’s voice as the stomach?

07.05.12 - History of Advertising: Kurtz’s Chevron Dinosaurs

In the late 70′s, Kurtz and Friends company created a short animation for Chevron.

It’s old school 2D with only the suggestion of 3D imaging, but nevertheless is original, charming, and still worth a look nearly 40 years on.



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